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News Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) prevention measures 12
News Announcement on the Resume of Taipei Medical University Student Association Activities 16
News 【Administrative Affairs】The 2021 Postdoctoral Scholar Program Accepting the Second Round Applications until March 2, 2021 13
News 【Administrative Affairs】2021 Seed Grant for Grand Challenge Program Accepting Applications until March 15, 2021 13
News Taipei Medical University Celebrates 60 Years of Excellence 13
News 【Administrative Affairs】Two Academia Sinica Recipients of the Ministry of Education’s 64th Annual Academic Awards Announced 14
News 【Research Findings】Isolable dicarbon stabilized by a single phosphine ligand 65
News 【Academic Honors】Han-Chung Wu, Distinguished Research Fellow of Academia Sinica, Elected NAI Fellow 62
News 【Administrative Affairs】The Awards Ceremony for the 9th Scholarly Monograph Award in the Humanities and Social Sciences 67
News 【Research Findings】Taiwan Economic Forecast 2021:The shining pearl in the countercurrent of the pandemic 69
News 【Research Findings】Evolution of bioluminescence in mushrooms resolved 66
News 【About Academia Sinica】Joining Research Forces to Take a “Quantum Leap”: Academia Sinica to Establish a Quantum Technology research center 62
News 【Research Findings】Lost in translation of genetic information? Back to the beginning to pinpoint translation initiators 64
News 【Seminars and Lectures】The 11th International Conference of Digital Archives and Digital Humanities (DADH 2020) Will Be Held Online from December 1st! 67
News 【Administrative Affairs】2021 Academia Sinica Early-Career Investigator Research Achievement Award Accepting Applications from November 27 to December 31, 2020. 137
News 【Administrative Affairs】Academician Chung-Laung Liu Has Passed Away 111
News 【Administrative Affairs】Academician Daniel Wang Has Passed Away 114
News 【Administrative Affairs】TIGP Application Announcement for 2021 109
News 【Administrative Affairs】2021 Application Results for New Grand Challenge Program 114
【Administrative Affairs】Application Results for 2021 Investigator Award Academia Sinica
【Administrative Affairs】Results of the 2021 Academia Sinica Career Development Award
News 【Administrative Affairs】Application Results for 2021 Thematic Projects at Academia Sinica 113
News Conference】2020 Annual Conference of Southeast Asian Studies in Taiwan 190
News Conference】2020 IRB-BM Training II 176
News 【Review】Rural Side Businesses, Market Activities, and Communist Revolution in China, 1900-1965 By Yao-huang Chen 188
News 【Review】Literary Women: Global Encounters, Interventions and Innovations, 1750-1830 198
News Conference】The 2020 Statistical Meeting 185
News information】EurAmerica, Vol. 50, No. 3 is now available 185
News Conference】 OPEN CALL “2020 Beyond BioMed Accelerator” 190
News Conference】The 2nd TMU-CWRU Joint Symposium 196