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【Announcement】TMU BioMed Accelerator and Microsoft Taiwan jointly bring users value-added medical cloud services

  • 2022-09-12
  • 中心秘書

With the rapid development of telemedicine around the world and the government’s continuous policy promoting the use of cloud service for electronic medical records, medical information is gradually being digitized.

In order to accelerate the learning of start-up teams and provide them with a clearer outline on the integration and application of cloud-based medical information, the Taipei Medical University BioMed Accelerator cooperated with Microsoft Taiwan in May 2022 to organize the event, “Medical Information Cloud Integration Application Practice and the Sharing of Case Studies”.

James Liu (劉致宏), Healthcare Account Executive at Microsoft Taiwan, shared the challenges and trends observed from the collaboration between Microsoft and medical units in promoting the integration of medical information. He also commented on how to create a people-oriented, patient-centered smart medical healthcare platform to provide a better healthcare service experience. In addition, ATGENOMIX , a startup which is one of the TMU BioMed Accelerator Batch startups, shared their experience in using cloud integration to effectively assisted by clinical research center and medical genetic systems to build the Bio-IT computing management platform for genome sequencing analysis.

By communicating with the start-up teams, medical professionals and administrators, and combining the existing clinical resources and the cloud resources of Microsoft Taiwan, TMU Healthcare System is further able to provide patients the most appropriate strategic decisions and assist managers in making accurate judgement, creating a win-win solution for all parties concerned.

Hsin-Yu Lu (呂欣育), Deputy General Manager, Global Partner Solutions Group, Microsoft Taiwan