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Center for Arts and Humanities

In the lyrics of our university anthem, we sing “to learn to be a doctor, one first needs to learn to be a decent person” because medicine, humanity, and art are all caring for and expressing different dimensions of human beings. The main mission of the Center of Arts and Humanities is to supply humanitarian and artistic nutrients to our campus by designing courses, organizing lectures, hosting exhibitions and activities, and promoting experiential learning, among other things, thus integrating humanity and art into campus life in a practice of “holistic education” philosophy.
We will continue to develop and integrate resources, hoping to break the classroom teaching frame of fixed times and locations. We will utilize diverse methods of lectures, workshops, exhibitions, visits, and field investigations, together with interfaces such as online video and audio platforms, to connect all types of activities to expand the learning horizon, promote interdisciplinary creativity, and deepen independent learning, thus cultivating students’ abilities for independent thinking and good cultural appreciation. Meanwhile, we will continue to introduce practical and capacity-building  elements into teaching activities to guide students to show and apply their learning accomplishments.
Do you like arts and humanities? Come join us to learn happily and play seriously!
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Office of the Center for Arts and Humanities, 4th floor Xing-Chun Building


Job title: Chairman
Name: Thera Chiu
Office phone number: 2676.2664
Job title: Honorary Professor
Name: DominicCheung
Office phone number: 2816