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Q & A

Q1: Can the Classics reading I take also be the credits for general education elective courses?
A1: The answer to this question is different for students enrolled before the academic year of 105 and students admitted after the academic year of 106:
(1) Starting from the academic year of 106, the classic reading area is 2 credits of the general compulsory course and cannot be recognized as elective credits in other area.
(2) If the Classics reading  is completed by the enrolled students before the academic year of 105, it can be categorized as the credits of the five major fields, and recognized as satisfying the conditions of the Classics reading that has been completed.

Q2: Do I have to go to Basic Programming?
A2: Students who have been enrolled since the academic year of 106 must complete the 2-credit course Basic Programming before graduation.

Q3: I have taken many general education courses, but I don’t know how to conduct a self-examination of the graduation threshold of general courses. Is there any method for quick check?
A3: Students can download the "General Education Course Completion Checklist"  on the website of the Center for General Education for confirmation and verification. Students should download the checklist according to their respective academic years to complete the check. Students are suggested to complete all the required and optional general education subjects in the checklist to ensure their eligibility for graduation in general education courses.

Q4: Is the general education course only available in some time?
A4: The general education courses usually take place at Monday mornings and Wednesday afternoons. Basically, professional departments will not arrange courses in these periods. However, not all general education courses are arranged in these periods. General education courses are also arranged in other weekdays. Please check on the school website.

Q5: What can I do if I want to study some related subjects, which school does not offer in general education courses?
A5: At the beginning the academic year of 105, the Center for General Education will launch the "Self-regulated Learning Program", allowing students to set their own learning themes, plan their self-learning path, and write a learning plan to apply to the Center for General Education. After passing and executing, you can be released from the restrictions on the five major area of general education optional courses, general education credits in the five major fields are recognized. For related measures, please pay attention to the announcement on the website of the Center for General Education:

If you have any questions about general education courses, please contact the secretary of Section of Liberal Arts at ext. 2660.