GE Center, TMU

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Section of Liberal Arts Introduction:
The Section of Liberal Arts cooperates with the university's talent training goals to provide general education courses in the four major areas of humanities, music and arts, social sciences, science and logical thinking, and strengthen students' humanities and artistic literacy, social care, creative thinking, and information skills. It is hoped that after studying in general education, students will be capable of humanistic liberal arts cultivation and problem solving, and then become a new generation of biomedical professionals.

Language Center Introduction:
The Language Center aims at "permanent and deep cultivation of basic, professional and cultural English abilities" and "systematic links of general and professional cooperation platforms" as the direction to reform the English language curriculum, In addition, the center plans a graduated course from student admission to graduation ,developing a testing and counseling mechanism to cultivate students' cross-cultural communication and cooperation capabilities in response to the global job market, and becom ing internationally competitive biomedical professionals in multiple fields.

Section of Physical Education Introduction:
The Section of Physical Education is affiliated with the General Education Center. In line with the school's goal of becoming the world's top university, it focuses on improving the quality of physical education teaching, comprehensive and high-quality physical fitness counseling, improving student swimming and self-rescue, strengthening student leadership and international mobility In addition, we have formulated various KPI indicators, implemented the PDCA mechanism, and continuously self-examined and improved. Therefore, in 2015, we won the award of the Outstanding School of Sports Performance of the Sports Department of the Ministry of Education. To cultivate a strong and modern citizen for the nation.

Center for Arts and Humanities Introduction:
The Center for Arts and Humanities was established in October 2015. In the existing medical professional education environment of the University, we take “Humanities and the Arts” and “Life and the Arts” as the main  axis, planning lectures, workshops, performances and other potential courses . Also, the center focus on The importance of "experience" and "independence" in the humanities and arts, the development of experimental courses and teaching activities across the unit inside and outside the school, and it is expected to discover the richness and value of "people".

Center for Reflective Writing Introduction:
Reflective ability is the foundation of empirical learning and one of the essential abilities of students. The reflective teaching experience has been initiated and developed in school since 2006 (actional reflection, reflective writing integrated into classic education, art practice and reflection combined with teaching, clinical humanistic reflection, etc.) In order to deepen the application and promotion of reflective teaching, it was prepared in 2003. The next year, a reflective writing center was established to integrate inter-academic faculties, specializing in: (1) theoretical research, (2) teaching model development, (3) teacher and assistant training, (4) Education promotion work inside and outside the school.