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Forum of Humanity and Medicine

"Forum of Humanity and Medicine" is a course designed by the Taipei Medical University to associate medical science with humanity. 

As a modern medical-related person, we should not only protect the human  body, but also care about the human’s inner. To accustom all students here to combining medical science with other disciplines whether in terms of theoretical research or of medical practice, mindful of humanity as well as respecting for human nature, the University holds the forum. We sincerely invite the social elites and leading scholars from everywhere to discuss Taiwanese statue quo from the perspective of their respective specialties, providing the students with the most extensive thinking of humanity. In sum, we hope to enable  students to speculate more deeply and broadly about the medical concepts under contemporary capitalistic society.

The characteristic of "Forum of Humanity and Medicine" is thematic curriculum planning mainly for freshmen. The objectives of the curriculum include the significance of general education, introduction of learning methods and principles, introduction of learning environment and resources, guidance of self-discovery and understanding, and assistance in the planning of students. And guide social care and practice. "Forum of Humanity and Medicine" is a compulsory course for freshman freshmen of our school. It is taught by the principal, and the deans and directors of the Academic Affairs and Academic Affairs Offices are members of the curriculum committee. The General Education Center is responsible for curriculum planning and implementation. The purpose of this course is to guide students to understand the meaning of general education and the spirit of the university, to carry out self-exploration to understand themselves, to learn how to learn, to understand learning resources and the environment, and to implement the planning of students (life).